Copper scrap processing plants

Shredders and plants for copper scrap recovery

Zato designs and manufactures shredders and equipment for processing copper, a valuable and recyclable resource whose use is set to grow significantly.

Copper can be recycled countless times without altering its mechanical properties, nevertheless in Italy only 40.5 percent of refined copper production comes from scrap. Zato shredders are designed to volumetrically reduce scrap, allowing cost-effective melting as well as large energy savings and a positive impact on the environment.

Copper scrap comes mainly from the disposal of products such as electrical equipment, piping, motor windings, and coins , or from processing scra ps such as scraps or cuttings that are obtained during the processing of semi-finished products. Zato guarantees machinery that can homogenize scrap, optimize production and promote more sustainable processes.

Our copper scrap processing and treatment facilities:


Industrial twin-shaft shredders for processing light scrap metal