Ferrous scrap shredders and processing systems

We manufacture highest quality recycling and shredding plants for ferrous metals

Zato manufactures a full range of ferrous scrap shredders and recycling plants. Included in the range are mobile shears/alligator shears, twin shaft shredders, hammer mills and sophisticated plants for downstream separation.

Customized scrap shredders for every application

Zato creates tailor made scrap recycling and shredding plants specifically optimized for each customer’s yard. The final design of each individual shredder is determined by a number of variables such as:  The type of material to be processed, the mix between HMS 1 and HMS 2, the throughput and downstream separation requirements. Regardless of the final configuration, every Zato shredder is designed to keep your OpEx (Operative Expenditures) to an absolute minimum while creating high value clean and dense Proler, shred and E40 scrap.

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Demolition shears for ferrous metals, aluminium, non-ferrous metals

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Industrial scrap shredders for most shredding and densification needs

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Industrial metal shredders for any shredding and grinding need

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Scrap cleaning plants for ferrous metals