Scrap cleaning plants

We manufacture scrap cleaning machines and sorting lines for ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Blue Sorter scrap cleaning plants are manufactured with a high attention to detail. The use of scrap sorting machines downstream of the shredding process separates the ferrous from the non-ferrous and inert materials and is an essential step in the scrap recycling process. The shredding process downsizes the scrap to an optimal size for sorting while the downstream sorting processes effectively separate metals from non-ferrous and inert material which significantly increases the value of the treated material.

Scrap cleaning plants are ideal for separating:

Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR) from whole or baled cars

Processed scrap from hammer mills, shredders or demolition shears

Shredded non-ferrous metals such as aluminium profiles or sheets metal

Household waste and Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA)

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How do Blue Sorter scrap cleaning plants work?

The process of scrap cleaning begins with the separation of light from heavy residues. The aeraulic separator distinguishes light shredder residues (light ASR), which is comprised of light plastics, foam, wood and fabrics) from the heavy fraction which is typically comprised of metals. The magnetic separator system, which can include magnetic drums, belt magnets and pulleys, guarantees effective recycling of both small and large-sized ferrous fraction.

Blue Sorter cleaning machines for non-ferrous sorting and separation

Zato manufactures high-quality scrap sorting plants capable of effectively separating non-ferrous metals from each other. Aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel and all other non-ferrous metals are not influenced by the magnetic separator of the Blue Sorter. To separate the non-ferrous metals from each other we use a variety of technologies such as Eddy Current separators, induction sensor selectors, x-ray separators or water-based flotation systems.

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Scrap sorting plants for unparalleled separation

The Blue Sorter scrap cleaning plants are designed to meet all our customers’ demands. In fact, machines and plants can be customized according to specific production requirements. This allows high levels of personalization and the best results in both recovery and purity of your metal scrap.

We manufacture a range of scrap cleaning plants:

scrap cleaning machine manufacturers ferrous metals


Scrap cleaning plants for ferrous metals

scrap cleaning machine manufacturers non ferrous metals


Scrap cleaning plants for non-ferrous metals

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