ELV recycling plants

Automobile recycling machines and scrap car shredders to process End of Life Vehicles (ELVs)

As ELV recycling plant manufacturers, we understand the importance of designing and manufacturing highly efficient and extremely robust scrap car processing system. Traditionally car recycling companies have removed the components from ELV´s which they can easily sell then disposed of the unprocessed scrap at knock down prices to metal recycling companies. Now Zato´s Blue Devil and Blue Shark shredder range gives the power back to the car recycling yard by allowing them to retain higher revenues and profits through shredding and then sorting the scrap with their own mid-sized processing plants.

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Mid-sized ELV recycling plants: better results at lower costs

Traditional Mega-shredders are increasingly being replaced by medium size processing plants and scrap car shredders like those produced by Zato. The reason is easy to understand: mid-sized ELV recycling plants are much more efficient, require a lower capital investment and have lower operating costs. What’s more, ELV scrap cars can be processed directly at the source saving significantly on transportation expenses.

The main advantages of pre-shredding

When shredding scrap cars, it is important that the vehicle has been pre-shredded before being fed to the hammer mill. Pre-shredding provides numerous advantages, it ensures that that the hammer mill will run as efficiently as possible with up to 60% higher output while significantly reducing wear and tear and energy costs of the hammer mill. Furthermore, the pre shredding process will filter out unshredables and neutralise any potentially explosive items such as partially filled fuel and natural gas tanks. 

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