Valerio Zanaglio and his twenty years’ experience in designing metal recovery systems

Zato has been designing and manufacturing ferrous and nonferrous metal recycling machinery since 1999. A passion for new technologies has led the company’s founders, Valerio Zanaglio and Alessandra Bresciani, to create a wide range of Made in Italy products including hammer mills, industrial shredders and demolition shears for light and heavy metals, separation lines and scrap cleaning plants. The experience gained over the years has led the company to expand to the United States as well, thanks to the opening of a branch in the north of the country.

The cutting-edge technology that distinguishes Zato’s equipment is not only able to meet the customization needs of customers, but also satisfies the need to safeguard the planet by reducing the amount of scrap through low-emission and low-consumption machinery.

As a world leader in the steel and metal recycling industry, Zato has expanded its reach by selling its demolition equipment globally, including in the US. The company not only has a loyal customer base in the country, but it has also recently established a foreign facility, solidifying its commitment to serving its American clientele.

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Zato crosses borders: new North American site opens

Zato’s sales and service network extends to more than 50 countries around the world. For a company, expanding its borders and going international is of paramount importance to gain access to new markets and be able to take advantage of global opportunities, expand its customer base and strengthen brand identity. These are the reasons that drove Valerio Zanaglio, founder of Zato s.r.l., to expand into a market with great opportunities such as North America. It is one of the largest and most attractive markets in the world, extremely vast and diverse, with a large population and strong demand for products and services. The choice of North America represents an opportunity for Valerio Zanaglio to grow, as well as a chance for his company to develop partnerships and strategic collaborations with local businesses, also thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Ian, sales director of Zato North America. This is Zato’s way of making its presence felt in North America.