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The aluminium industry demands for cutting-edge shredder machines

When it comes to aluminum, recycling rates are relatively high at about 65 percent.

The aluminum industry is working constantly to reduce its carbon impact and over the past 30 years has cut its carbon footprint in North America by more than half.

From the automobiles we drive and the buildings we live in to the durable goods we use and the drinks we chill, recovered aluminum products significantly help save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bridging the gap between achieving a neutral carbon footprint and effectively implementing recycling processes hinges on enhancing the recycling process for aluminum. This entails providing cutting-edge machines that represent a significant advancement. While prioritizing high volumes and cost reduction, it is crucial to avoid compromising on scrap quality.

Striking that balance ensures recycled material maintains its purity by avoiding contamination from other metals and nonmetallic substances.

Zato alluminium

Zato’s shredders lead the way in revolutionizing the processing of aluminum scrap

Zato has been keenly aware of the challenges confronted by recyclers. Over the years, the company has made remarkable progress in creating a diverse range of products, including demolition shears, single and twin-shaft shredders, hammer mills, sorting and recovery technologies.

These innovative solutions minimize landfill waste by achieving the highest purity possible while decreasing manufacturing expenses and conserving energy.

Imagine faster and more uniform melting, reduced energy consumption and increased productivity. With Zato shredders, you can achieve those goals.

Zato’s cutting-edge technology and durable construction ensure exceptional performance and longevity. Whether you’re processing cars, aluminum cans or profile sheets, Zato shredders can handle it all. Zato’s products seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment and processes, ensuring a smooth transition to enhanced efficiency.

Zato Blue Sorter

Customers delighted with Zato partnership: Exceptional machines for aluminum scrap processing

Zato does not just sell shredders but forges partnerships for success. A dedicated team is committed to your satisfaction and achievement. From the initial consultation to installation and ongoing support, Zato is with you every step of the way. By offering comprehensive training, technical assistance and a dependable support system, the company ensures your shredder operates at its peak performance.

But don’t just take these words for it. Listen to what Zato’s customers have to say:

“Zato shredders have transformed our aluminum recycling process, boosting our productivity by 30 percent and significantly reducing energy consumption.” – Scrap Yard in south Germany.

“Thanks to Zato, we’ve eliminated costly downtime and achieved remarkable cost savings. Their shredders have become an indispensable asset to our operation.” – Scrap Yard north Italy.

Zato prioritizes attention to detail, ensuring every client receives the highest level of care.

Discover the world of Zato and unlock the potential of its shredders to revolutionize your aluminum recycling process!