Our future is about innovation and sustainability

Using technology to protect the environment and circular economy

The international climate and environmental emergency is getting more pressing and involves everybody. World leaders, climate experts, activists and entrepreneurs work hard to discuss and decide solutions that suit everybody. Everybody must be actively involved in this major turning point, without exceptions.

We manufacture machines and systems for recovering 100% reusable raw materials without losing their original characteristics. This brings us to the centre of this virtuous economic cycle. Our R&D department is committed to continuously fine-tuning and optimising our recycling systems to benefit us, our clients, and the environment.


R&D, synergy and strategy make the difference for:

  • Designing and developing innovative and hi-tech systems and machines
  • Optimising the production cycle
  • Reducing the company’s ecological footprint


4 goals for a green and sustainable future:

  • Promote innovative production technologies
  • Help protect the environment
  • Reduce the production cycle’s environmental impact
  • Actively support circular economy



We have been designing and manufacturing machines and systems for recovering ferrous, non-ferrous metals and waste in general for almost 25 years.

Our machines are fitted with connectivity technologies that allow for archiving data (locally and remotely), monitoring and managing predictive maintenance activities. Maintenance activities are monitored by our technicians and AI algorithms, which exploit machine learning power, allowing us to analyse operating data.

We provide our 24/7 customer service through traditional methods and the latest AR technologies to ensure efficiency and reliability at all times.




Every year, the world transforms 630 million tons of steel scrap into new products. Steel and aluminium can be recycled infinite times without losing their original characteristics.

These materials are permanent and 100% recyclable using electricity. This system reduces greenhouse gases, avoiding about 950 million tons of yearly CO2 emissions. By saving energy and natural resources, we help the transition towards circular economy.