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Single-shaft shredders

Single shaft shredding machines for aluminium profiles, scrap metal and waste

Single shaft shredders are used to reduce bulky loose material and prepare it for further separation and classification. The shredders, designed with easily removable grids, create high density and relatively uniformed size scrap. The meaningful size reduction results in an excellent release of impurities. Single shaft shredders are perfect for processing aluminium profiles, light scrap metals and general production waste. Zato’s single-shaft shredding plants are ideal for reducing metals and non-metals to a predefined size and preparing them for secondary shredding.

Our mono-shaft shredders are best suited for processing:

Light industrial scrap, radiators, light collected scrap as well as solid domestic waste

Aluminium profiles and sheet, cans, all kinds of copper waste as well as non-ferrous materials

Tires, plastic, rubber, white goods, wood, textiles, carpets, mattresses etc

Our single-shaft shredders:

single shaft shredder


Mono-shaft shredder to reduce bulky loose material.

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