The recycling industry’s largest in-person event returns for the first time in two years! The ISRI2022 Convention and Exposition will take place from March 21st to March 24th 2022 in Las Vegas. Zato North America is proud to be part of the ISRI Community and is pleased to welcome you at the ISRI international exhibition. Be sure to pop by and see us at BOOTH 2120 so that we can share with you some of Zato’s last achievements and revolutions in the scrap recycling market in North America.

Made-in-Italy recycling solutions to ride the wave of American scrap processing market

Renowned recycling yards from around the US and Canada have invested in Zato over the last couple of years and are now reaping the benefits. Logan Aluminium from Kentucky, for example, is processing aluminium bales with Zato’s Blue Devil at one of the biggest Aluminium Foundries in the US. But many more yards have trusted Zato’s made-in-Italy shredding and recycling solutions: from Illinois to Ontario, from Florida, where the new Blue Devils are sprouting up in Chicago, to Michigan. And more, from Texas to the two new shredders making their way ready to Kansas and Puerto Rico.

Zato is among the exhibitors at the ISRI2022 

Our Sales Managers Luigi, Omar and Edgar will be happy to hear about your unique scrap processing requirements and to share with you the incredible functionality of our Blue Devil Rotary Shears which are taking the US by storm. Whether installed as a standalone shredder to quickly increase the density and value of your scrap or as a pre shredder to open bales, Zato’s Blue Devil Rotary Shears are designed to pre shred whole cars while filtering out unshredables and neutralising potentially explosive items. Pre shredding scrap will turbo charge your hammer mills performance while reducing overall ware part and power costs. All of this without the need for an independent operator or expensive civil works.