In a demanding and ever-evolving market such as the metal recycling industry, continuously supporting our customers – whether on-site or remotely – is a crucial priority

State-of-the-art technology has revolutionised this sector over the past 5 years. Today, we can take action faster and more efficiently than ever before, continuously monitoring the plants for inefficiency and inconstancy from multiple view points.

So, what exactly are these ground-breaking innovations and how do they work? Using a mix of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance, and production-monitoring apps has allowed us to overcome physical time limits. As a result, we can literally stand by our customers, monitor and make adjustments in real time if necessary to keep our equipment running at optimal efficiency at all times. This is how we build long lasting relationships with our customers which are based on trust and collaboration.

Augmented reality for complete on-site and remote support.

The efficiency of our remote support service has allowed us to manage assembly, support, and maintenance operations globally. No mater if you are in Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and the USA, you will have a trusted partner right by your side right there when you need them.

Until a few years ago, these operations had to be carried out on-site, often with the extra delays and expenses of long commutes from our technicians . Today, ZATO technicians using state of the art Augmented reality and remote servicing tools can offer the following services safely, sustainably and most importantly, without delay: production process analysis, maintenance and repairs, support, installation, and assembly.

Our technical department can offer all-round support using our dedicated App which is connected to a handheld or wearable device (smartphone, tablet, smart glasses) to ensure that you your machinery is always optimally tuned and any downtimes are kept to an absolute minimum.

Predictive maintenance extends the recycling plants usable life

By actively monitoring key parameters of your ZATO recycling plant, we can anticipate potential problems that the machinery may develop before they actually occur there by resolving any issues or planning in a maintenance schedule well before it is needed.

The sensors installed in our plants detect ongoing anomalies and problems, allowing us to manage maintenance operations in advance. This special control system avoids production interruptions, extends the machine operational life, and increases the second-hand value of our customer’s investments.

SiderPerù GERDAU: a testimonial of excellence

“Zato’s after-sales service and predictive maintenance has been very helpful. Their service technicians are always polite and very professional. Their continuous support has allowed us to resolve any issues, often before we were even aware of them!. Thanks to them, we have learned how our shredder works inside and out and how to optimise our servicing routines. Zato’s technical support is definitely one of their major strengths. This gives me the confidence to set ambitious production targets without fear of disruption from machine down time.”

José Antonio Acevedo Hinostroza, Senior Mechanical Engineer and Mechanical Maintenance Chief at SiderPerù GERDAU.